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June 2021 creation updates: choreographer's commentary, improv, and workshop playback

Hello friends and fans! The weather is fine and vaccination numbers are up. There is a lot to be hopeful about these days. While dreaming of in-person projects, I have continued to create and share my work digitally. I have also been sharing glimpses behind the scenes into my creative process.

Choreographer's Commentary is a new adventure into vlogging (video blogging) in the style of a director's commentary. I decided to start with myself, discussing my own dance video from last summer. The goal is to offer you a glimpse inside the mind of a choreographer and empower you with their language, insights, and creative process to better understand their dance and dance in general. Watch now!

Another good reason to visit my YouTube channel (and while you are there, hit subscribe). My virtual improv jams with soprano saxophone player Kayla Milmine are available on my YouTube page. You can rewatch them, or discover them for the first time whenever you like. The last one took place in April while I was 6-months pregnant (can you tell?). Visit my YouTube channel!

My latest and greatest dance video, The Debate, premiered as a part of Nextfest, this month. Check out the teaser for the video. I am shopping the full version around to different dance festivals, so it is not visible to the public. If you simply cannot wait, you are more than welcome to sign up on my Patreon page as a Devoted Dance Lover or higher for access to my video archive.

If you missed my all-levels creative movement workshop through PAL (Performing Arts Lodge) Ottawa you can still access the recording of the workshop until September 1, 2021. One participant had this to say, “Allison, wonderful wonderful, and you brought me into the mindset, the space, the whole experience frees the body and the creativity bubbles up.” Take the workshop now.


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