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The Debate: New Dance Video Premiering at Nextfest

I am THRILLED to announce a very exciting project that myself and a whole crew of people have been working on! It is a dance video adaptation of my 2019 stage work, Life Cycle of a Malignant Debate. The video, titled The Debate, will premiere at Nextfest, an Edmonton-based arts festival next month. The work will be shown once, on the opening night of the fest: June 3 at 8:35pm (MDT) / 10:35pm (EST). Watch here:

If that's past your bed-time, or you are not available, consider becoming my Patron for an extended watch period. As my Patron you'll have access to the video from June 4-13. Also, Curious Dance Lovers and above are invited to an artist chat with myself and the other artists involved in the creation of The Debate: collaborating performers Sarah Hopkin and Geoffrey Dollar, composer and musician Tristan Henry, and my video production mentor, Izabel Barsive. This is an exclusive, intimate chat that will be held over Zoom. Visit my Patreon page to learn more:


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