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To inquire about availability and rates for booking Allison Elizabeth Burns please email

You can expect a response within 48 hours.

Note that Allison EB Dance follows the Fees & Payments for dance artists 

as outlined by the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists - East Chapter.


Workshops / Classes / Speaking Engagements 


“What a sublime workshop! Allison was so wonderful in creating a safe and welcoming space for exploration of movement and body.”

- Kathy Slamen, workshop participant

Allison Elizabeth Burns gives dance a voice and promotes creative collaborations in the nonprofit sector  through classes, workshops, lectures, and the Dirty Feet podcast.  She instructs traditional dance classes in ballet, modern, and hip hop - plus has developed a gentle Introduction to Contemporary Dance course designed for anyone to explore their own personal style, body and movement.  She is an active lecturer and host at festivals, conference roundtables, pre and post-concert events, created an online workshop on digital dance for the Ottawa Arts Council, and developed a learning and networking event for Arts Network Ottawa to promote building virtual connections and collaborations in the arts.


"By far this was the best class I have ever participated in. The interpretive aspect of the class was wonderful and liberating. People of all ages would benefit from such a fantastic contemporary class."
- workshop participant

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