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Choreography / Performance / Improvisation

Contemporary Dance

You're Never Fully Dressed

Choreography by Allison Elizabeth Burns
Introducing Allisoneb on Patreon

Introducing Allisoneb on Patreon

Become a Patron today: *Patreon Account temporary suspended while I take a hiatus to focus on family. Thank you for your understanding. ♡ See option on my website ( to make a one-time donation. Excerpts of creations by Allison Elizabeth Burns | Music by Tristan Henry Credits for the works (in order of appearance): CHOREOGRAPHY DAYS Days 12 & 13 Inspired by Hania Szymczak's project prompts DREAMS Music video by Erica Lee Martin ALL DRESSED UP (to walk the dog) A dance video in the time of Covid-19. Concept and performance: Allison Elizabeth Burns Created for and presented by "Bouge d'ici" for "This is Not a Fringe," June 2020 DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER? Co-Creator, Writer: Travis Martin Collaborator & Performer: Alya Graham Dramaturge: Robin Toller LIFE CYCLE OF A MALIGNANT DEBATE (work in process) Collaborating Performers: Sarah Hopkin and Geoffrey Dollar Created thanks to the ORez residency opportunity generously offered by the Ottawa Dance Directive Video captured by Trung Le, courtesy of TAKE UP SPACE, 2019 WE THREE Collaborating performers: Sarah Curts, Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson, and Heather Thomson Outside eyes: Sasha Ivanochko and Deanne Walsh Presented at the 37th Alberta Dance Festival, 2018 HOW TO LIVE FOREVER 2017 showcase produced by Allisoneb Photo by Pat Holloway FOR THE LOVE OF DANCE 2019 multi-style dance showcase produced by Allisoneb Photo by Cate Proctor PODCASTING Self-portrait THE CRONE (work-in-progress) Perfromer: Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson Adaptation of We Three, see credits above VIRTUAL IMPROV JAM Streamed through Instagram/Facebook, Summer 2020 Collaboration with soprano saxophone player Kayla Milmine ENOUGH ALREADY Play by Alien Gaze YOU'RE NEVER FULLY DRESSED (without a smile) Photo by Stéphanie Houle Collaborating Performer: Alya Graham Presented at the Uproar Arts Festival, 2019 LIFE CYLCE OF A MALIGNANT DEBATE Photo, by Allison, for work credits see above THE KEY TO TIME TRAVEL Photo by Jake Morrison Collaborating Performers: Amanda Bon, Chelsea Passmore Writer and Story Consultant: Travis Martin Behind-the-scenes photos: We Three team at Your Dance Fest in Toronto Allison back stage at dance: made in canada Alya and Allison preparing for Uproar LOVE LOCKS Collaborating Performers: Amanda Bon, Chelsea Passmore, and Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson

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Choreography / Performance

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