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October 2021 Creation Updates!

Hello friends and fans! The summer seems to have simply flown by. I guess that's what happens while you are busy with a newborn... This July my partner and I welcomed our son, Ignatius (Iggy), into the world. He is an absolute joy! Now my creations will have to share my love with this little bean. Despite my new mom status, I have some dance treats for you. I hope you enjoy this third edition of the AllisonEB Dance newsletter!

Enjoy a new episode of my dance podcast, Dirty Feet. This episode features Brittney Canda, a choreographer and dance film director. She and I speak about her unique style, how she discovered her love for dance on film, and her recent accolades including winning an international award while sitting on her mother's couch. Listen now!

Back in September of 2020 I did a photoshoot with videographer and aspiring photographer Nicole Bedford. We explored many locations, costumes, and poses. I posted a few of the photos to my Instagram and Facebook accounts, but the full album is available only to my patrons.

I've released a new episode of Choreographer's Commentary! In the style of a director's commentary, I invite Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson to discuss her work, where the wings grow while we watch the archive video of this stage production. I worked as outside eye on the piece, so I come to the conversation with some insight. Watch now!