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Free All-Levels Dance Workshop

I will be teaching an all-levels creative movement workshop through PAL (Performing Arts Lodge) Ottawa and their Spotlights 2021: A Free Online Arts Festival. This will take place over Zoom on March 20 from 7-8:30pm. Participation is free, but registration is required. Details below. Here is the Eventbrite link to register:

[Image description: A photograph of Allison Elizabeth Burns dancing in studio. Her head is back and her arms in front of her. She is wearing a black, hooded, zip-up sweatshirt.]

Photo by Caitlin Unrau, curtsey of Dancer's Studio West

Moving Creatively with Allison Elizabeth Burns

Allison Elizabeth Burns teaches a gentle introduction to contemporary dance. It is designed for anyone who has been curious about the style, or movement in general. There is absolutely no dance experience required, just curiosity about what that brilliant body of yours can do! The workshop offers a new way of thinking about movements and sensations. The practice is largely based on improvisation, so the exercises can accommodate a variety of participants’ physical capacities. The skills taught here can be used in other forms of dance, performing arts, and general well-being and improved mind-body connection.

Allison Elizabeth Burns is a choreographer, performer, educator, and producer based in her hometown of Ottawa. Allison has choreographed and performed in multidisciplinary projects, dance works, and commissions. Her work has been presented at various festivals, and she has performed in choreographic works across North America. As a passionate dance advocate she promotes dance awareness and comprehension through workshops, talks and podcasts. She has worked as a dance instructor for Luv2Groove, The School of Dance, Ottawa Dance Centre, schools and Dovercourt Recreation Centre among others.


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