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New Episode of the Dirty Feet Dance Podcast

It was an absolute pleasure to get back into the game and put a podcast together. The pandemic has affected dance artists in Ottawa and beyond in a variety of ways only some of which are represented in my new episode of Dirty Feet: "Dance in a Pandemic". The selection of artists I interviewed all play different roles in the sector, and yet only represent a sliver of experience. Happy listening!

[Image descriotion: The Dirty Feet logo in fuzzy purple font against a light blue background. The "e"s in Feet have little dots above them to make them look like footprints.]

Dirty Feet #192 • Dance in a Pandemic

Coming up to a year of living with COVID-19, this episode explores the impact the global pandemic has had on different Contemporary dance artists in Ottawa: Yvonne Coutts the artistic director of the Ottawa Dance Directive, Sylvie Desrosiers the director of the Contemporary Dance program at The School of Dance, Frédérique Pelletier a recent graduate of that same school, and Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson (Take Up Space) a mid-career independent dance artist.

Find the Dirty Feet dance podcast on iTunes, or at

[Image description: A photo of Allison dancing in her living room. The white text "PODCAST" is displayed in a grey rectangle in the top left corner of the image. Allison is bending sideways at the waist, one hand on her neck the other across her abdomen. She wears a grey and black crop top and black tights. In the background is a taupe door and a trio of hooks with scarves, hats and bags draped over them, and a table with a lamp. There is a bright light source coming from the left.]


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