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Virtual Improv Jam

Kayla and I are at it again! Making the most of the migration of the performing arts to a digital landscape, we bring you another improvised performance of soprano saxophone (Kayla Milmine) and dance (me!). We've been rehearsing and finding our groove with these new tools for your viewing and listening pleasure.

The two of us have been improvising-for-performance together off-and-on for over a decade. Now from separate cities we can come together again and jam thanks to the internet, and you are invited to join us. Kayla Milmine loves the new and under-explored sonic possibilities that only the soprano saxophone can offer. Her unique approach has the edginess and brashness of Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell yet also a warmth and thoughtfulness reminiscent of Steve Lacy. Milmine recently released a solo album called ‘Straight Horn Magick’; a mixture of field recordings and solo soprano saxophone improvisations. She plays regularly in trio form with pianist Bill Gilliam and percussionist Ambrose Pottie, along with many other improvisers in Toronto, where she resides. She often travels to New York City to study with mentor Sam Newsome. She is co-founder of the Women From Space Festival in Toronto.

Tune into my Facebook live stream Allisoneb at 5pm (EST) on Friday July 31st to catch us doing our thing, and join in if you'd like. (facebook event)

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