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Summer of Allisoneb: Festival 2 of 4

I am having an absolutely wonderful summer, full of exciting projects! In total, I will be presenting work in 4 different festivals before summer 2019 is over. The next is a new work, created for a new festival. My choreography, You're Never Fully Dressed will premiere at the brand-new Uproar Arts Festival here in Ottawa.

You're Never Fully Dressed… without a smile. Is a contemporary dance solo exploring the phenomenon of people (mostly women) smiling at the people (mostly men) who sexually harass them. Smiling as a defence mechanism. How/who can we safely correct? How can anything change if we do not tell others what behaviours make us nervous? The internal battle between safety and standing up for oneself. Immediate preservation vs. a better future. This paradoxical behaviour illustrated with the most visceral art form, dance.

Alya Graham in Do You Want to Live Forever? photo by Patrick Holloway

The short piece is a solo on the incredibly talented Alya Graham who I've worked with before on my 2017 show, Do You Want to Live Forever? It will be presented among other feisty feminist works of art, both performative and not. The festival will take place August 8-10 at Arts Court Theatre, 2 Daly Avenue in Ottawa.

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