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That's a wrap: Fringe 2019

Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson, Chelsea Passmore, and Amanda Bon in The Key to Time Travel

Photos by Jake Morrison | With Flare Photography | www.withflare.ca

Participating in a Fringe Festival is always a wonderful experience. This year, I was thrilled to bring some dance back to the Ottawa Fringe Festival. I was able to remount work, and create and present some new choreography. The first half of The Key to Time Travel was originally created for - and presented at - the 2017 Dark Horse Dance Projects. The second half, featuring a new cast member, and all new original music, premiered at this Festival.


"what a gorgeous show, full of surprises, and really affecting in its exploration of how we live in past/present/future. i can’t recommend it highly enough!" - Liz

"Flow your way on over to The Key To Time Travel for a mesmerizing experience, quite unlike anything else at the Fringe. Time Travel is to be appreciated for its images of startling beauty..." - Laurie Fyffe

...read the full Fringe patron reviews here.

"You may end up being surprised by the emotion encapsulated in the second half of the show." - Samara Caplan of Apt613, read the full review here.

Back stage: Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson, Chelsea Passmore, Allison Elizabeth Burns, and Amanda Bon


Thank you to the core creative team members: Amanda Bon, Chelsea Passmore, and Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson - Collaborating Performers Tristan Henry - Composer of Original Score Travis Martin - Writer and Story Consultant

Thank you to our fringe technician Carolyn Barnes, videographer Trung Le, and photographer Jake Morrison. I am grateful for the creative insights of Sylvie Desrosiers, Yvonne Coutts, Jocelyn Todd, and Kier Knight.

Thanks to the different local contemporary dance artists who opened the five shows with a presentation of short works. Over the festival we saw: InSight by Geoffrey Dollar; Étude d'un tissu statufié by Alya Graham; Ignorance is Bliss by Sarah Hopkin; where the wings grow by Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson; and an excerpt from Fall on your Knees by Cathy Kyle.

I am grateful for the support of The City of Ottawa in the development of the new half of this work. My patrons also helped make this show possible. A great big thank you to Catherine Low and Amelia Burns. Visit www.patreon.com/allisoneb to learn about how you can back future Allisoneb projects like this one.

An excerpt of work will be presented the dance: made in canada Festival in Toronto this August.



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