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We Three Completed

My time in Calgary this summer was an absolute success. I cannot imagine how it could have gone better. I had the opportunity to choreograph with three professional dancers, I got to meet a good portion of the Calgary contemporary dance scene, I learned and grew as an artists, fell in love with yet another wonderful Canadian city, and caught up with some dear old friends. Not to mention present a choreography that I am super proud of. Check out this short teaser below.

A huge thank you to my witches (Sarah Curts, Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson, and Heather Thomson) my hosts (Melissa, Jenn, and Sarah), Sasha Ivanochk, Deanne Walsh, Nicole Lizée, Marcia, Trent, and everyone at Dancers' Studio West. It was a total DREAM to create work for the 37th Annual Alberta Dance Festival, and meet a whole new crew of dance artists. Calgary, what a mighty dance community you have!

I hope that this new choreography, We Three, will have another life sometime soon!

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