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Preparing for Fringe 2019

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to present my work at the Ottawa Fringe Festival once again this summer. Fringe has been a big part of my life. i've been an artist, producer, patron, and staff (at the Montreal Fringe). I've toured the circuit more than once, experiencing Fringe Festivals across the country and meeting artists from around the world. The festival is a wonderful place to learn, experiment and meet new people.

Luck was on my side when my name was

pulled in the Fringe lottery. Then a combination of luck and hard work resulted in the City of Ottawa providing me with some funding to support the creation of an extension to my 2017 choreography, The Key to Time Travel (originally created for and presented at the 2017 dark Horse Dance Projects).

I am so excited to revisit this work, and build on it. When I first presented it I received a lot of positive feedback that the subject matter was interesting, and I could further explore it. I was told that it could be longer (the original is 23 minutes). As a creator, that is such a wonderful thing to hear! So longer it shall be! Amanda Bon and Chelsea Passmore will reprise their roles for the June 2019 run at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, and they will be joined by a third dancer (TBA). The festoval runs from June 13-23, 2019. Stay tuned for more information!

Pictured: Amanda Bon and Chelsea Passmore in The Key to Time Travel, photo by Marianne Duval (2017)



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