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New Choreographic Work

Announcing a new dance work by Allison Elizabeth Burns... The Key to Time Travel, presented by Dark Horse Dance Projects, September 6 & 8 at 8pm, at The School of Dance, 200 Crichton St.

What if… what if we could share a time? Every person ever in this room, here, together, at once. And before it was a room, before there was even a building here. Every person to walk this ground before us. What a party we would have! So what we want you to do now is come with us on a journey... we will explore the brilliant borderland between reality and magic. The Key to Time Travel dives into tangible concepts of time travel through a Breakin-inspired contemporary dance duet.


ALLISON ELIZABETH BURNS - Project Instigator & Choreographer AMANDA BON AND CHELSEA PASSMORE - Collaborating Performers TRISTAN HENRY - Composer and Creator of Original Score Composed TRAVIS MARTIN - Writer KEIR KNIGHT - Choreographic Consultant YVONNE COUTTS - Mentor



Dark Horse Dance Projects is a not-for-profit arts platform designed to create performance opportunities for contemporary dancers and choreographers from the Ottawa region. Our objective is to give Ottawa based dance artists a yearly performance opportunity to work toward.

DHDP greatly benefits Ottawa’s dance community by hosting two evenings of dance work that showcase over local, and out-of-town dance artists, local musicians and many new works and works in progress created specifically for these shows to develop new work and build community.

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