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An exploration of time travel through dance theatre.

The Key to Time Travel

What is the key to time travel? It’s easier than you think. We’re doing it right now. I’m writing this, thinking about you – and now you’re reading it, thinking about me. Present tense, days apart.

The Key to Time Travel is a theatrical contemporary dance piece inspired by the groove, strength, and shapes of Breakdance. It treads the brilliant borderland between reality and magic. The dancers travel through time by dropping memory markers/keys in specific moments in the past, present, and future. They want to know: can we somehow reach people who are here in a different “now”?

The run time of the original duet version of this work is 23-minutes, creating a 45-minute show when paired with it's sequel, the trio, Love Locks.


ALLISON ELIZABETH BURNS – Project Instigator & Choreographer | AMANDA BON, CHELSEA PASSMORE, and ELIZABETH EMOND-STEVENSON (Love Locks only) – Collaborating Performers | TRISTAN HENRY – Composer and Creator of Original Score | TRAVIS MARTIN – Writer and Story Consultant

Photos by Marianne Duval unless otherwise noted

Special Thanks to: Yvonne Coutts, and Kier Knight


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The Key to Time Travel


“With the musical back-drop as the sound of keys jingling or hitting the floor, the main focus of the show is really on the movement and the emotion of the story, beautifully choreographed by Allison Elizabeth Burns."

- Samara Caplan, Apt613 Fringe Review

Photo by Jake Morrison

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What if… what if we could share a time? Every person ever in this room, here, together, at once. And before it was a room, before there was even a building here. Every person to walk this ground before us. What a party we would have! So what we want you to do now is come with us on a journey... we will explore the brilliant borderland between reality and magic. 

When you reminisce, you are transported back to "that time when...". When you daydream, you travel forward to a better, happier, more successful future.

I'm here to show you the power of time travel. Don't forget to drop a marker.


Past Performances

The Key to Time Travel was originally created for - and presented at - the 2017 Dark Horse Dance Projects, September 6 and 8, 2017 at The School of Dance. The sequel, Love Locks, premiered at the Ottawa Fringe Festival June 13-23, 2019 at Arts Court Theatre. A shortened version of The Key to Time Travel was presented in Toronto at the 2019 dance: made in canada Festival by princess productions​, thanks to the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Allison Elizabeth Burns is grateful for the support of the Canada Council for the Arts who made it possible to tour a shortened version of The Key to Time Travel to Toronto to be presented at the 2019 dance: made in canada Festival by princess productions.