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An exploration of memory, relationships, and loss through dance.

Love Locks

The sequel to The Key to Time TravelLove Locks dives into the abstract world of memories. This contemporary dance trio evokes the joy and sorrow of remembering a lost loved one.

The run time of this work is 22-minutes, creating a 45-minute show when paired with The Key to Time Travel. The creation of Love Locks would not have been possible without the support of the City of Ottawa.


ALLISON ELIZABETH BURNS – Project Instigator & Choreographer | AMANDA BON, CHELSEA PASSMORE, and ELIZABETH EMOND-STEVENSON – Collaborating Performers | TRISTAN HENRY – Composer and Creator of Original Score | TRAVIS MARTIN – Story Consultant

Photos by Jake Morrison

Special Thanks to: Carolyn Barnes, Trung Le, Sylvie Desrosiers, Yvonne Coutts, and Jocelyn Todd

Love Locks: About Me

"You may end up being surprised by the emotion encapsulated in [Love Locks]. As specific memories are examined, challenged and re-lived the emotion definitely exudes off the stage"

- Samara Caplan, Apt613 Fringe Review

Photo by Jake Morrison

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Love Locks

Love Locks: Video Clips

Allison Elizabeth Burns is grateful for the support of the City of Ottawa for making the creation of Love Locks possible.

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Past Performances

The Key to Time Travel was created for - and presented at - the 2017 Dark Horse Dance Projects, September 6 and 8, 2017 at The School of Dance. The sequel, Love Locks, premiered at the Ottawa Fringe Festival June 13-23, 2019 at Arts Court Theatre. 

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