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A contemporary dance solo made to be watched.

You're Never Fully Dressed

…without a smile. A contemporary dance solo exploring the phenomenon of people (mostly women) smiling at the people (mostly men) who sexually harass them. Smiling as a defence mechanism. How/who can we safely correct? How can anything change if we do not tell others what behaviours make us nervous? The internal battle between safety and standing up for oneself. Immediate preservation vs. a better future. This paradoxical behaviour illustrated with the most visceral art form, dance.

This 17-minute work was created for and presented at the first edition of the Uproar Arts Festival in August 2019.


ALLISON ELIZABETH BURNS - Project Instigator & Choreographer | ALYA GRAHAM - Collaborating performers | NICOLE LIZÉE - Composer, Music: Son of the Man with the Golden Arms

Photos by Stéphanie Houle

You're Never Fully Dressed: About Me
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"If you’re tired of hearing about women being harassed, tired of us sharing our stories about it, maybe that’s because you’ve been ignoring it, and we don’t believe that you should have that luxury anymore, either." Hanna Brooks Olsen writes in her article that inspired this choreography, Why We Smile at Men Who Sexually Harass Us. 

You're Never Fully Dressed: Quote

Video Teaser

You're Never Fully Dressed

You're Never Fully Dressed: Video Clips

Past Performances

Created for and presented at the very first Uproar Arts Festival at Arts Court Theatre in Ottawa on Thursday, August 8 at 8pm and Saturday, August 10 at 2pm, 2019.

You're Never Fully Dressed: Welcome
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