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The Debate


“The Debate, a dance film created by choreographer Allison Burns, was showcased at Nextfest Festival 2021. I was intrigued by the film's creative marriage of dynamic choreography and smooth cinematographic choices. The film's portrayal of two distinct characters and their expression is enhanced by the ever changing landscapes where the film is shot. As the locations for the dance film turn over again and again, it gives a feeling of progression and transcendence. It's very clear through the choreography and editing that this is a conversation that shifts and morphs over time and space. I enjoyed the story told through the dancer's physicality and gesture. Their commitment and focus to the movement was the persisting thread that made me desire to see more, and to happily self-interpret the debate in question. I found the score for the film so present and persuasive that it became another dancer in the piece. This film is a refreshing and beautiful visual and auditory experience to behold.”

- Rebecca Sadowski, dance curator for the Nextfest Festival

"Allison Burns brilliantly took up the challenge of making the videodance The Debate despite the big financial, technical, meteorological, and pandemic-related challenges. 

Very well organized with a clear artistic vision, I had the great privilege of seeing a talented director flourish, by her side as a mentor and director of photography during the shoot. 


She also did the editing with conviction, talent, and very little support from me. I wish long life to The Debate in festivals as well as her future projects."

-Izabel Barsive, Video Production Mentor

"The Debate by Allison Elizabeth Burns takes the form of an interpretative dance, and I struggled to understand it in the most delightful way.

The eccentric short film easily captures your attention and then leaves it to you to figure out what is going on as you watch it. Are the characters dance-prowling to each other because they’re suspicious of each other, interested in each other or one-upping each other?

It’s an intriguing and confusing viewing experience, and I highly recommend it. The sound design is especially beautiful."

-Alvin Tsang, film613

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