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Allison Elizabeth Burns is making connections and collaborative opportunities between artists, audiences and communities, to empower experiential and visceral interactions with dance.

Allison Elizabeth Burns - Artistic Director of Allison EB Dance - is making connections and collaborative opportunities between artists, audiences, and communities to empower experiential and visceral interactions with dance.

 “A true artist. She imbues each tiny movement with meaning and purpose; entwining story with choreography to create something so gripping and unique…”

- Guifré Bantjes-Ràfols, actor/creator




Choreography & Performance

Allison Burns (Photo by Tracy Kolenchuk)

Original Works

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Showcases & Production



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Dirty Feet

dance podcast

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"Delightful and mesmerizing. Allison Burns is a gorgeous dancer, exemplifying poetry in motion"

- Allan Mackey, On Stage



Allison Elizabeth Burns is a compassionate performing arts professional with a strong commitment to public engagement in dance. She excels in developing community, being recognized for the ability to create digestible dialogue about dance, and a welcoming atmosphere for audience members. She is a choreographer, performer, educator, and producer based in Ottawa. 


Allison has choreographed and performed in multidisciplinary projects, dance works, and commissions. Recent evocative contemporary dance creations of hers involve polarizing groups, feminist issues, immortal hedonists, and time travel. Her work has been presented at various festivals across Canada including the Alberta Dance Festival, and dance: made in canada. She has performed in choreographic works by Noémie Lafrance, Jérôme Bel, and Renata Soutter (Propeller Dance), among others, and has toured North America.


As a passionate dance advocate, she promotes dance awareness and comprehension through workshops, talks, and podcasts. She founded, produced and hosted the dance podcast, Dirty Feet, conducting and archiving hundreds of interviews with dance artists around the world. She produces showcases that celebrate the work of local dance artists featuring a variety styles.