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My heart is full. Last night was an incredible success. The house was sold out, the show was super strong, and the whole event was inspiring. A big thank you to everyone who came out to represent and/or support the Ottawa dance community in this way. Thank you also to members of the community who support it in other ways.

To the artists involved, congratulations on a magnificent show! It really was a dream come true for me to be able to gather so many different dance practitioners in one space to represent and support the variety of styles and people involved in the Ottawa dance community.

I have received such overwhelming positive praise for the content and concept of the show...

"Congratulations to Allison Burns and team for a wonderful evening of For The Love Of Dance at Arts Court Theatre last night. Bravo!! It was a fabulous collective of traditional and contemporary dance. I was privileged to attend this one night only, sold out performance." - Cate Proctor

"What a great show. Congrats to all of you. Une performance offrant une si belle variété en danse, diversité, inclusion, un beau reflet culturel au sein de notre communauté. Bref, ce fut un soir vibrant et coloré! Bravo! Bravo, vous avez fait un méga beau boulot!" - Johanne Richer

Curtain call photos by Cate Proctor

Now, some more specific thank yous... to our host venue, Arts CourtTheatre, and the incredible technician and solutions guy, Joel. Thank you Amelia Rose Griffin for hosting. Thank you to Sylvie, Deepti, Ana, Vanessa, for guidance. Thank you Jake and Trung Le for capturing the moment. Thank you Sarah and Laurinda for volunteering. And of course a HUGE thank you to the artists who made For the Love of Dance: A Multi-Style Dance Showcase what is was: Mariah Smith Chabot, Elizabeth, Audrée, Lois, Maria Sabaye, Elizabeth, Saveeta, Geoffrey, Ilhem Bouhachi, Arti Cloutier, Linh, Tayo, Nikou Salamat, Gabriela Garcia, Marianna Nachef, Bridjet Lee, Chloe Geller, Curtis Bright, Maureen Zhang, Tomás Florez, Prem Anand, Chelsea, Frithjof Lutscher, Isabelle Michaud, Lola, Laura, Tetyana Belitska, Melanie Fingold, Emma Flinn, Katie Gauthier, Gaelle Nedji Garnier, Caitlin Handy, Sangeeta Raju, Audrey Tong, Sarah Walsh, Kathleen, Laurie, Sheela Chandrashekar, Shamayel Ghani, Sreepriya Pulyassary, Ajitha Nair, Neha Erukulla, Anitha Varun, Cobra du Mandingue, Monica, Martine, Catherine, Shara, Michèle Boisvenu, Louise Brind'Amour, Eva Comeau, Audrey Despatis, Mohamed Diarra, Claude F, and Catherine Veilleux. THANK YOU!

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